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Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Its Sunday morning…4:30.
On my way to work.
My fourth chemo girl in a row out of sixth.
And it’s all in the family as they say.
Brittney and her mom had come in four months prior for extensions.
Both overcoming cancer. BOTH.
This is Brittney’s maintenance visit.
She’s only 29 years old.
Married and from West Virginia.
And it’s a chilly day in Minneapolis. It’s January and only 5 degrees.
It’s 8 am, she arrives at the salon.
It’s cold…she’s wearing a stocking hat for warmth. 
“Dang, it’s cold here, Jon!”
 “I need coffee.”
“Lots of it. Please!”
So, has getting her hair back changed her life?
In her words? 
Oh my gosh, yes!! 
The minute she left the salon.
Not only with her hair, but how she felt about herself.
At the hotel, the man at the counter didn’t even recognize them.
Can I help you? Ummmmmm…they had already checked in. 
Wow! It’s Brittney? Remember me?
Were you here for business? Family? Did you live here? 
Was he flirting?
Should we tell him?
We came in last night.
He had checked us in!
“We’re the chemo girls!!!”
What? Wait…
You’re the daughter?
“You are soooo beautiful” 
What hair does to a person!
Again, wow! 

Since having the extensions, Brittney now feels once again more like herself! No longer the center of attention. Now feeling more like everyone else, no longer standing out. She was so angry before…with her husband, her family,  everyone and everything. Now she’s a whole lot calmer…a whole lot happier.
But sadder news has come upon her since then. Her mom, and her sister have both been diagnosed with cancer. Her mom, brain cancer (third bout of cancer), and her sister, breast. Horrifying. So many are affected by some form of this deathly disease. Lord Jesus, have mercy.

But I am so very blessed and honored to be able to help these women transition back to their former selves. And I guess that’s why they call me that …

The Transition Guy…


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