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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Chemo Curl


Today I'd like to talk about Chemo Curl. What exactly is Chemo Curl? Chemo Curl is a remnant from going through chemotherapy. It's caused by trauma to the hair follicle. So, it alters growth patterns.

What happens when a Cancer patient has chemo going through their blood to try saving their life from Cancer? The follicle goes into turmoil. What I mean by turmoil is, whatever you put in your body it's in your hair follicle in 7-10 days. The rumor is that's why Brittany Spears shaved her whole body. She was worried they would have found drugs in her DNA.

 There is a Chemo treatment called the “Red Devil” that when it hits the blood stream, it runs havoc through your body. And like all kinds of Chemo, the hair follicle is changed. It essentially wilts. Normally, the blood vessels provide nourishment to the follicle, but because of the Chemo, it is compromised. It causes the hair to bend, like a plant not getting water. Thus, it takes on its new form. Curly hair!  Eventually, and hopefully, the follicle goes back to its original state and structure. But in the meantime, you are stuck with curly hair.

 For today's client I am removing all her extensions and relaxing her hair, to smooth out all her crazy curls. At the beginning of the hair growth, we really can't determine whether the hair is going to come back in curly or not. You have about a 50/50 chance it’s going to go curly.

After all the hair is removed and relaxing, I can put the extensions back on, approximately 400 bonds. It's a process that takes about 10 hours to do. Not an easy task, but so worth it. That's why I do this for our Chemo Girls. It's a labor of love ❤️

 I hope you learned something today.

 "Life at the speed of grace"


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