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Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Timeline to Get Chemo Girls Extensions after Chemo and Hair Prep

Today I want to talk about hair preparation for your Chemo Girls, Hair Extensions after Chemo.

Following your last chemo treatment, it usually takes a month to start seeing the growth process.  It usually starts with a peach fuzz that I refer to as burnt ends.

The following month you will start to see a short Chia pet type look. This usually covers the entire scalp. But the front of your hair line is always the last to come in. It’s always the shortest part of your hair growth. That's usually the way hair grows after chemo treatments.

After the 3rd month of growth, the hair should be about an inch. That's the time women start to get restless. They start searching for solutions. Wigs are getting old and fuzzy, unless you’ve spent thousands of dollars on one.

Right at that 1.5-inch mark, the hair is at that sweet spot for Chemo Girls Extensions. That's where I can personally do them. The rest of my team needs about 2 inches and some need 3 inches. 

Now let’s talk about vitamins. This is what I have learned over the years on how vitamins work with the body, and how to achieve the most absorption in the body. I used to work with a company that taught me carbohydrates are the door keeper to your cells. First you need to take vitamins with carbohydrates. Prenatal Vitamins are really good. But be sure to ask your Oncologist if they’re okay to take. 

 Drinking juice is a great source for carbohydrates, or something on that line, to make sure you’re getting all your nutrients. Taking just water doesn't work. Years ago, I read a book called Fit for Life.  In it the book’s author talks about when he bought a cabin. When they took out the outhouse and put in a septic system, at the bottom of the outhouse were hundreds of One-A-Day vitamins. It's not that One-A-Day vitamins don’t work, but they took them with just water, so the vitamins went through with no results.  So essentially carbohydrates are good for your system to receive the most absorption. But again, please always check with your doctor about what kind of vitamins or nutrients you are allowed after chemo treatments. 

 Thank you, Chemo Girls!

'Life at the speed of Grace'


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